Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Swimming Cat?

The picture below is not one of the Spice Cats. A friend forwarded me this picture and I think it is really cute.

I personally have not come across any cats that can swim (or any that would ever wanna try!). Sesame likes to play with water with his paws, but he hates getting the other part of his body wet. The other 3 spice cats, hate to even get their paws wet.

So, its quite hard for me to believe that cats can swim. The picture doesnt look fake, does it?


Ash said...

Hey Girlie,

Hope you and you spice cats and Winter are all doing well!! Are they all your kids? I am so surprise to find out about the names of two of kitties!! I have 3 kitties and a golden retriever... and may I introduce them to you? They are Snowball, Ginger, Pepper and Cookie! Sounds a little familiar?? :P What a coincidence!!

Just Sharlene said...

Hey Ash,

Haha....2 of our kids have the same name. Are they both female as well?