Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In Memory of Shadow

Time flies. It was June 2006 when Shadow escaped through the back door and never came back. Despite all the posters and the RM500 reward, he was never found.

Shadow is a very laid back cat. He loves lazing around the house. On the weekends when I sleep in, sometimes till 11:00am in the morning, Shadow will be also sleeping, beside me on my bed, till 11:00am.

He is big for his age. The picture below taken when he is just about 8 months old. Unlike other kittens, he is not interested in playing but he loves having people close by.

Shadow, the handsome Lion Cat.

Ginger, at that time still a baby, followed Shadow everywhere. She looked up at him and always stayed close to him. In fact, she is closer to Shadow than she is closer to me.

Baby Ginger, always making sure she is close to Shadow.

Lazing around on a Sunday afternoon.

Sleeping soundly in my room, using my bag as a pillow.

And of course, Ginger is always not far away.

As he is a big cat, he is not intimidated by Winter at all. In fact, he often tries to show Winter that HE is the boss. Winter, of course, with all her love for cats, normally let Shadow have his own way. I am sure Winter misses Shadow as much as I do, as the Spice Cats now are not interested to play with Winter at all.

I am the KING! And you are my servant!

BOW to me, loyal dog servant!

Good Servant. BOW LOWER!

Make sure my ears are clean!


I hope whoever got Shadow now is treating him well.


Rascal said...

Hi Sharlene. Thank you for visiting my blog. What cute baby pix!

katztales said...

Isn't it awful when cats go missing? Scoop went MIA last night for a few hours. Worried, I searched outside, walking up and down the street calling for him. When I came back I heard a yawny meow from upstairs - Scoop had been in our bed all the time!

Just Sharlene said...

rascal, Thanks in return for dropping by.

katztales, Yeah, it is awful. Walking down the streets calling for him and asking all the neighbours. Then printing lots of posters, going everywhere and pasting it everywhere. Even went to meet up a gal alone at 2:00am in the morning after I received her call that she might have found Shadow (Yea, I know its dangerous).

Maybe its fated. Because of all this, I found Pepper and subsequently got Sesame. I just hope that Shadow is in good hands now.

Blondie said...

My cats are total door-runners and this is my worst fear. Luckily, there are two sets of doors for them to get through, so I can trap them.

You poor thing. :( You are lucky to have lots of photos though.

Catzee said...

Hiya Sharlene! Fank you fur visitin' my bloggie. Ya gots lots of furry purrty kitties. But I don't know 'bout that woofie. 'Specially a woofie that kisses the kitties! Aren't they ascared?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharlene,

Thanks for visiting my blog.That's so sad about Shadow.

Just Sharlene said...

blondie, my cats are not door runners but they love the windows. So now I have mosquito netting on most of the windows, to prevent them from sneaking out. Hope you cats never get out of the house!

catzee, the woofie is a cat lover. She just adores cat and hates dogs (Weird woofie!). The cats are afraid of her at first, but now they are all used to her (and her licking...hehe).

ariel, thanks for dropping by too! It is indeed very sad but I am grateful that this whole incident brought me to Pepper and Sesame. No cats can ever replace Shadow.