Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I am NOT supposed to be here

People who know me personally knows that I am supposed to be in Koh Samui right now, getting a good sun tan. I have been planning and looking forward to this trip since March. And just 5 days before my flight, some urgent things came up in the office and I am required to cancel my trip. Although my company is reimbursing all the expenses of the trip, but there is no replacement for the disappointment I felt. My friend went anyway, as it was too late to cancel. So I am left here, stuck in the office.

I went work work on Monday, knowing my friends were enjoying themselves in on the beach. Monday Blues indeed. Then a surprise came after lunch. A bouquet of beautiful pink roses was sent to my office to cheer me up. And it did. It was such a wonderful surprise and gesture. Its great to have wonderful friends. Thanks for cheering me up!

Garlic was the first to check the flowers out.

He took a smell of the beautiful flowers and start munching on one of the leafs.

Sesame just sat beside the flowers and admired it.

Once I put the flowers on a vase, Garlic was the first to check it out again.

So did Sesame. Gee... my 2 boys are such a softie.

The girls are no where to be seen though. Mmmmm...... they don't seemed to be interested in the flowers. But Sesame just sat beside the the flowers, until I moved it away on to the kitchen top.


Deana said...

I love that last shot with Sesame, it just draws you in. Your flowers are so pretty and you have wonderful friends but I am sorry you have the flowers and are not on your lovely vacation! I am bummed for you!

michico 小芥 said...

Even they are not really interested in flowers, but still let the flowers become more interesting~!

Very cute photos~!

Daisy said...

I am so sorry you did not get to go on your vacation. But it seems as though you have some very wonderful friends. Those flowers are beautiful!

Fiona Bun said...

Tasty... I mean pretty...

eiko-chan aka kimchi said...

Sorry to hear you did not go on your vacation, but don't worry, i'm sure you'll be able to go again soon (^^ )!

Ooh, and i would like to ask, since you have 4 cats with 2 males and 2 females, in terms of "manja-ness" and attachment to humans, do you think male cats or female cats are generally more manja and more attached?
I'm considering of bringing in another family member (forcing in actually), but i'm not sure if i should adopt a male or female! I would like to get a more manja one so it can help persuade my dad to adopt him/ her + make my dad's day brighter =)!
THANK YOU (^^ )!

Blondie said...

Boo! I'm so sorry you had to cancel your vacation. But the flowers are gorgeous, along with the cats!

Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats said...

eiko, I think whether a cat is 'manja' or not, it depends very much on their individual character. As for the Spice Cats, the 2 boys loves human companion and attention. Pepper also loves guests and is always the first to greet them. Only the little princess is a bit aloof and shy.

If you really want a 'manja' cat, do not get a kitten. Get a grown cat that the character is already developed, then you will know whether he/she is 'manja' or not. Good Luck! :)