Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Eating from the Floor

The other day when some of my friends came over for mahjong, they commented on the way Sesame actually eats. I know he prefers to eat from the floor, as opposed from eating from the bowl or from my hand. But I never thought that it is funny until my friends pointed it out.

This is what it looks like in the morning. Typical breakfast scenario. I fill the bowl, the boys will come for the first bite, Garlic eats from the bowl, Sesame scoops the cat biscuits out with his paws. You can see what a mess he makes every morning.

I do not bother to clean it up. This because that Sesame will clean it up for me. Normally when I come back from work, the biscuits will be all gone.

As you can see, the boys are the food lovers in the family, especially Sesame. The gals are keeping their figure and don't eat that much.


Katie said...

That's really strange! I've only ever seen Puddy scooping drinks up in her paw and licking it off, but I've never seen her do it with dry food. Mince and chunks of food, yes, but not dry pellets! Strange! :)
At least they clean it up though!

Daisy said...

That's a funny way to eat! When I eat, bits of food fall out of my mouth and land all around my food dish. I guess that is not very ladylike of me.

Sophia said...

mmmMMMmmmmmm crunchies

Gattina said...

Oh you know you are not the only one having such a mess with dry food ! Pookie too prefers the floor, the others don't eat dry food that much they eat normal cat food, only Pookie loves the dry. But wet food also tastes better on the floor ! Here on my holidays cat Smudge is a specialist in making a mess !

Dragonheart said...

Some cats don't like the constricted feeling of their head or whiskers touching the side of the bowl, so maybe Sesame is one of those. He certainly does make a mess! I do too. Food ends up everywhere when I eat.

michico 小芥 said...

That is really mess, but as long as you don't care that will be fine.
Sometimes I mess my bowl, but michico always doesn't care~!

katztales said...

Just like our fuzzles! Scoop likes to eat out of a bowl (his own hand painted bowl, of course!) but Au prefers his treats to be laid out on the floor.

Glad the hairball med worked.

Phantasma said...

Sesame is like Max. Max really really likes to scoop his kibbles and eat it from the floor. But he's a bad boy. He only eats until he's full and leaves it there and doesn't clean it up like Sesame does.

I also notice this happens when two cats share the same bowl.

Btw, Sesame's fur head is sooo fluffy!!! I want to ruffle it so badly!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Blondie said...

Webster takes hunks of his wet food out of his bowl and puts it on the hardwood to eat. Sometimes, he carries it over the kitchen mat where it gets stuck and crusty in the aftermath. Sigh.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

If Garlic is the alpha kittie, perhaps this is Sesame's way of giving Garlic first choice at the food. Allie did something like that for a while when she first arrived in our house.

Or maybe Sesame just likes smacking the food around first, before eating it.

crayzaycatlayday said...

Oh my! My cat has the same problem except she scoops it out and still eats from the bowl... the floor is a disaster every morning.

To make the situation worse, she likes to splash all the water out of her water bowl... I'll fill it up and in the first 5 minutes she has emptied it.

Crazy cats.