Thursday, May 10, 2007

Carpet Cat

Recently the Carpet Cat paid the Spice Cats a visit again. She paid them a visit during CNY Eve (see here). I called her the Carpet Cat because her tabby marking is really very pretty and she looks like a walking carpet.

She is the friendly neighbourhood cat. I am not sure whether she belongs to anyone but I know my neighbours sometimes feed her. I once fed her tuna biscuits and she refused to eat it. This shows that she is very well-fed. She is very slim. I think she has been spayed because I have never seen her pregnant.

The Carpet Cat, when I first spotted her at the door.

The Carpet Cat spotted me and didn't mind having her pictures taken.

A close-up on Carpet Cat, but its still a bit blur through the netting.

Pepper saw the Carpet Cat and came to check her out.

To my surprise, Pepper didn't hiss. They just greeted and smelled each other.

Pepper was kinda sad when her new friend left.


Dragonheart said...

Carpet cat looks very pretty. It is good that she is well-fed and spayed. I hope she has a family that takes care of her.

Daisy said...

Hi pretty Carpet Cat! You are nice to come for a visit!

China Cat said...

Pepper, your Carpet Cat is quite pretty. Maybe she'll come back and visit again. Meanwhile I am tagging you today for a fun meme - the rules are over at my blog.

Lux said...

Cute pictures - they tell a story!

Blondie said...

So cute! I wonder what our cats would do if they met? King would probably ignore everyone and Webster would give them all loving baths.

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged by The Famous Five for the meme going about, just check our blog for the directions.
The Famous Five

Kitikata-san said...

Carpet Cat seems like a really nice kitty. I bet Carpet Cat wants to be a part of the Spice kitties.

TAG! You are it! I am tagging the Spice Kitties for 7 random facts about them. They seem to have a very exciting life. When you are done, you can tag other kitties too.

Meow! Your blog kitty friend,

Blondie said...

Happy Mother's Day from one kitty momma to another! :)