Monday, April 02, 2007

New Tenant – Day 1!

The Spice Cats knew something is happening on Saturday as I was busy cleaning up the room upstairs and moving some boxes around. The room upstairs was normally closed and the Spice Cats hardly get to go inside (except when Ginger and Pepper were under quarantined after their Spaying Surgery). So the curious Sesame and Garlic tried to help by sniffing and checking out the room while I was cleaning it.

When I told them that the room is for a new cat that will be staying with us for 5 weeks, the Spice Cats got pretty excited. But I told them that they can’t go near her until she has settled down. This is because she has been the only cat in the house for the whole 2 years of her life and is extremely defensive towards other cats. Its not her fault, she doesn't know what fun it is to play with other cats.

Pelud arrived at about 530pm on Saturday and was carried straight to the room. We tried to avoid letting her see the Spice Cats as we wanted to minimize her stress. Inside the room, she was very nervous about her surrounding and went straight to hide under the bed. After making sure that she has her food plate and water bowl filled, the litter box and her sleeping mat is in place, her mommy left to let her settle down. We kept the door closed so that the Spice Cats would not get inside the room.

I went to check on Pelud on Saturday night. She refused to come out from under the bed. She even hissed at me when I tried to reach down and pat her. She also kept her eyes glued to the door and hissed everytime the Spice Cats came too near the door. The Spice Cats knew I was inside the room and all 4 of them gathered outside the door. Poor Pelud looks so stressed up, so I decided to leave her and let her settle down.

I managed to snap some photos of Pelud on Sunday but forgot to bring my camera to work today. She made so much progress on Day 2. So do come back tomorrow to check how Pelud is doing on Day 2 and see what a gorgeous cat she is. I am keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that Pelud will be able to mingle freely with the Spice Cats and roam around the house soon.

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Daisy said...

I can't wait to see a picture of Pelud. I am glad she is making good progress; I don't blame her for being a little nervous.