Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow White - For Adoption

Pelud's mom has been taking care of a lovely stray for a while now. She is lovable and playful. She is also spayed. She is deaf but is alert and responsive. Pelud's mom said she was thrown away when she was still nursing her kittens. We have no idea how old she is.

Below is a picture of Snow White. As you can see, she is a lovely all white female. Do let me know if you know anyone who would love to have this loving cat in their home.

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Daisy said...

Snow White is beautiful! I hope she finds a Forever home soon.

katztales said...

Snow white looks so sweet. I hope you cna place her with someone!

mummymeow said...

Hi, i wish i could have her. but my boys won't like it. hope she finds a good home and loving parents soon. unfortunately, my friends don't like animals, hence, can't help.

Lux said...

She's so precious - I'm hoping she finds the best home!

Miilo said...

She is soo adorable...she looks a lil bit like my cats..check it out..http://cataile-heritage.blogspot.com/
hope she finds a good home..saddening to hear people could do such a thing.

Kitikata-san said...

I hope little white kitty gets a furrever home! She is so cute.

I also tagged you for a meme. Come visit and see how easy it is. It is 8 random facts about all the kitties and dogs at your house!

Rascal said...

What a pretty kitty. I know she'll find a home soon. Who could resist her?

katztales said...

We've tagged Abel for a meme.
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