Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Meme : 8 things about Abel

Katztales tagged Abel with a meme! This is Abel's very first meme, so here it goes...

1. I moved in with the Spice Cats about 2 months ago. Now I am a member of the Spice Cats family! I love the Spice Cats and try to play with them but they wont play with me :(
2. I love Cat Food!
3. I love the rain but is terrified of thunder and loud noises. Mummy is not happy that I kept hurting myself so now she kept me tied up when she is not at home.
4. I love swimming! Mummy brought me swimming once at Central Park and I look forward to going back there again!
5. I look forward to the morning walk every morning with Winter. Its my highlight for the day!
6. I am a bit on the thin side but the vet said its OK as it is not good for a senior Golden Retriever to be heavy as we tend to get hips problem.
7. I love my ball! I am always trying to get people (and the Spice Cats) to play with me!
8. Mummy say I have a very loud bark. It sometimes scare people away but I am actually very friendly.

Below are some photos of Winter and Abel during their morning walk.

Abel and Winter sitting and waiting (not so patiently) while I close the gate. I make sure they sit until I am done closing the gate and ready to start the walk. They will sit by themselves 70% of the time.

Abel and Winter, walking side by side.

Every morning, we also drop by to say Hi to Coco. Coco is always happy to see us.


katztales said...

Abel looks very sweet. Is he an outy dog like Winter or an inny dog like teh spice cats?

Luna said...

Wow thats a good walk! You both looks very handsome.

Christine and FAZ said...

Walking looks like fun but I am not sure about that rope things that keeps you together. Us cats prefer a bit more independence. FAZ