Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mother and Son - Isolated

Saturday morning i checked on Sesame's bladder and noticed that it was very full. He had just recovered from a bladder infection about 2 weeks back and I have been checking his bladder regularly. Worried, I brought him to the vet right away. The vet tried to simulate him to pee but was unsuccessful. The vet suspected that there is some blockage. So Sesame was hospitalized right away, as the blockage may cause the pee to back-flow to the kidney, resulting in kidney failure which could be fatal.

He was sedated and a tube was inserted to help get his pee out. The vet said that when they tried to clear the blockage, there was some sandy material that came out. He was also put on IV as there were some toxins in his kidney that needs to be flushed out. Sesame, however, managed to remove the tube by himself on the first day and removed the IV all by himself on the 3rd day.

As he has not stayed over at a foreign place, in a cage before, he was miserable and refused to eat. I went to visit him everyday. He looked miserable and refused to acknowledge my presence.

On Tuesday, the vet said I can bring him home as he has started peeing on his own. Xray showed that there are no visible stones in the bladder nor kidney. Blood test (that came in Wed morning) showed that all his kidney readings are normal (no more toxins!). Maybe sensing that he is going home, Sesame was very happy and came straight to me when I opened the cage.

As he is on medication for 3 weeks, he needs to be separated from the other Spice Cats so that I can monitor his food and water intake, as well as pee and poo.

Right after I brought him home, he said Hi to all the other Spice Cats and started eating! He was also extremely vocal, demanding to be stroke and pampered and carried. I obliged :)

Sesame's hand, where the IV was inserted.

Sesame licking his little IV wound.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday morning, I also discovered that there are pee in Pepper's urine. So I brought her to the vet on Tuesday evening. She is also now separated and on medication for the next 3 weeks. I also need to bring her back to the vet for some tests next week.

I've placed her in the cat room, together with Sesame, but in the cage, as she and Sesame needs to be monitored separately.

Pepper sitting in the clean litter box.

Both of them would need to be kept isolated for 4 weeks. They would also need to go on a special kind of food that will help flush out small stones (if any) from the bladder and kidney for about 3 months. But I am just glad that Sesame is home and the critical stage is over.

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Everycat said...

Poor Sesame and Pepper, I hope they get well soon.

Whicky Wuudler

eiko-chan said...

I hope Sesame and Pepper will get well soon! HeeChul and i will pray for their fast recovery! Take care!

Daisy said...

Poor Sesame! What a terrible ordeal! I hope Sesame and Pepper are both all better soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor fellar. I will make it up to you by getting you a rat burger. Take good care ya!

Sarah said...

Get well soon Sesame and Pepper! Hang in there Sharlene, you are being a great mother to them.

katztales said...

Poor Sesame and Pepper. And poor you! Hope you are all well now and enjoying Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fah Cai! And breakfast soon?

mummymeow said...

hey sharlene,
so sorry to hear this. how are sesame and Pepper now? Hope they are feeling better?