Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Kittens Alert

Remember my friend who had some kittens problems 2 years ago? Read about it at New Borns and Clearer Photos of the New Borns.

Well, he gave me a call about 2 weeks ago. Apparently another mummy kitty has given birth near his garden. But the kittens are about 2 months old now and are playing in his garden. I went over and managed to snap some photos of the 3 kittens, although they are very shy and hide in the drain whenever I go too near.

A cute Calico kitten.

A cute Black and White kitten.

Another adorable Black and White kitten.

The mummy kitty observing me from under the drain.

My friend are now feeding the kittens and I told him to make friends with them so that we can get them spayed (the mummy kitty too) and maybe put them up for adoption. They are all now too afraid if humans and it is impossible to catch them.

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Sonia said...

I know it sounds horrid but he could get a cat trap from SPCA. So long as he only sets it when he's home they're not cruel. That way if he catches the cat they are not left in the cage panicking all day while he's at work. Its a good way. And if you catch the mother the kittens wont go away.

Just an idea anyway

Shilgiah the Cat said...

Oh my! We hope the mother and babies will come out and let you feed and help them. We have an agency in our town that does trap, neuter/spay and release for feral cats and they feed them too to make sure they get enough to eat. The babies may be adoptable if they can learn to trust people.

Kitikata-san said...

Good Luck with the kittens and mama kitty. My human is up in the hills of Kentucky, USA, and sees many stray cats and kittens too.