Monday, October 26, 2009

Kittens for Adoption

About 2 weeks ago, a friend found 3 kittens near her office. One died. So she decided to bring the remaining 2 to me. They should be around 6-7 weeks old now.

Tiger (striped) is the active and curious one. He ran all over the room and explored every corner. He is also extremely playful. He loves a cuddle and loves to lie on your chest when you sleep. Purrs like a sewing machine whenever you cuddle him.

Ninja (black) is the sweet one. She prefers to stay close to you and also seems to enjoy a cuddle. She purrs too, though not as loud. She is very trusting and gets along with everything, including all the dogs. Does not seemed to be afraid of them at all.

Both of them are not afraid of people, in fact, they seems to be very attached to people. Whenever I am in the room, they will make sure they stay close beside me. And even climbed all over me.

Anyone who is interested, please drop me an email at


sI tEDI said...

semoga mereka yg comel bertemu dengan orang yang sudi adopt.. :)

Elin said...

They are cute, I hope they will find a forever home very soon :)

katztales said...

So cute! I hope you find them homes soon.

shida said...

still available?

Just Sharlene said...

Sorry, Shida, they are taken :)
What cat are you looking for? I always have friends putting up kittens/cats for adoption. Email me at