Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Damp Bedsheets

It has been raining everyday. I washed my bedsheets in the morning when the sun is bright then it started to rain. So I decided to bring it into the house, under the aircon, for it to dry.

For some reason, Ginger seems to love the damp bedsheets. She jumped onto the bedsheets, took a comfortable position and refused to move!

I think its the combination of the damp bedsheets and the aircon, making it extra cool. And its heaven for Ginger.

Ginger : Life simply cant be any better.....


sI tEDI said...

selesa ginger tidur.. :)

Nat said...

Ha so cute!

My cats love to sleep on any sheets, no matter hot or cold or damp. Love your blog, keep it up.

By the way, I got 15. Welcome to the HouseOfCats :D


viv said...

Ginger.... my fav... but she always hiding when I was there

katztales said...

How sweet and comfy Ginger looks. Au HATES damp sheets. I think it makes his fur curly or something.

Guess what!? So excited...I'll be talking about my book Katz Tales: Living under the Velvet Paw on radio on Monday afternoon at 2PM Malaysian time! Listen to us??? Times and other details on my blog.

mizzyN said...

holy cute