Monday, February 22, 2010

King of........ Spice Cats House!

Garlic has been feeling good about himself ever since the lion cut. He walks around the house proudly, showing off his perfect lion body (He is the only Spice Cat with no tummy).

I am the King of the Jungle!
OK OK, mummy said I wont survive in the I will settle with.....
I am the King of the Spice Cats House!


katztales said...

Nice pink tongue and amazingly pointy teeth! Garlic looks amazing. Brilliant hair cut.

ABBY said...

Garlic you look fabulous!

purry purrs

mummymeow said...

was thinking perhaps i wanna send Poppy for a lion cut. He's perpectually got the problem of mites in his fur, perhaps the best is to shave it all off. Dunno if he will sit still though or not!

Kitikata-san said...

King indeed! You are so regal.

mizzyN said...

that's a roar