Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Garlic aka Licking Spice

Name : Garlic aka Licking Spice

DOB : April 2006

Sex : Male

Breed : Himalayan - mix

Coat Color : White, with yellowish tail and ears

Eyes Color : Light Blue

Garlic is the man of the house, well a half-man now that he is castrated. He walks around with his tail held up high. He is not afraid of anything (except me when I raise my voice!) and loves to explore. He will come greet me outside my room every morning and in the door step every evening when I come home from work. If there is a visitor in the house, he will be a bit shy at first, but if you stay a bit longer, he’ll normally come greet you with a few licks.

For those of you who know Garlic, will know how he got his nickname. He is an amazing licker. I have never heard or seen a cat that licks so much! I do not think it’s a show of affection, it’s just his hobby. You put your fingers near his mouth, he will start licking, even if you are a stranger. If you pat his head, he sometimes will grab hold of your hand with both his front paws and start licking. Not really a man of the house now, huh?

I do not let him sleep with me because of 2 reasons; he licks too much, and he sheds too much.

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