Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Winter aka Dog Spice

Name : Winter aka Dog Spice

DOB : 2000

Sex : Female

Breed : Mongrel

Coat Color : White with black spots

Eyes Color : Dark brown

OK... OK....she is not actually one of the Spice Cats. Dog Spice sounds good though. Haha...

A friend picked up Winter from the street and gave her to me when Winter was just about 2 months old. She is an active girl and loves all kind of food. She stays at the backyard most of the time. Occasionally I will let her into the house and play with the cats. She is very stubborn and is an alpha dog. She always wants to have her own way. You have to be very firm and dominant with her to be able to control her. The coolest trick my brother taught her is Fetch. She sometimes will even take her chewy bone, put in on the grass, and take it back to you, and demand for a treat! Sometimes I wonder who is training who.

Winter adores all my Spice Cats. But she doesn’t like other dogs. It’s probably caused she was once attacked by a group of strays when she escaped through the drain when she was just a puppy. She seems to be OK with smaller dogs but is very aggressive with big dogs. I hope I can overcome her aggressiveness so I can bring her to doggie events!

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