Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Little Grey One……Blackie’s brother….or is it sister?

I’ll call him a he for now.

He is 5 days old now. He weighs 130g when I weigh him this morning. He is steadily increasing about 10g per day now. I am monitoring him very closely.

He is adorable and very fat, thanks to Pepper who make sure he is fed so very often. He does nothing everyday but sleep and nurse. Whenever he is hungry, he will just cry so loudly and Pepper will come running.

I will take more photos of him when he opens his eyes. Should be soon now, another few more days.

My brother suggested I call him Shadow Junior. Bernard has suggested I call him Yam, or Belacan. According to Bernard, some belacan are grey in color. Anyone know of any spices that is grey in color?


Hee Huey said...

Hey, you can name ur kitten Black Sesame as english name.
Cantonese name is Chee Mar Wu.
See, color is dark grey as black sesame is,,, sound good?

Hee Huey said...

Another name is Poppy Seed.
Poppy seed is use to bake cake when it ripe. It is dark grey too..
You decide,,, here my list:

Poppy Seed and Black Sesame.
both is dark grey.

Good luck

Kwai Ling said...

How about "heh kor" -- the prawn paste we eat together with laksa or Penang chee cheong fun? :D

Alexis said...

how about anise... think it's greyish in colour! in BM it's called jintan manis.. :p