Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Little Blackie's journey through life

Little Blackie, when I first found him .

Little Blackie, when the cord was cut, looking for his mom that is ignoring him.

Mom finally taking care of Little Blackie after her intense labor.

Blackie and his little brother (or sister). Mummy's tummy is warm and soft.

Last few hours of Little Blackie's life. Mom putting her arms around him to keep him warm.


ivan said...

hi there. i found a few kittens a while back too. Lol.

Just Sharlene said...

Ivan, What happened to the kittens you found? If you cant adopt it or cant find a good home for it, best bet is to take it to SPCA or PAWS. Kittens and puppies gets adopted pretty fast there.

ivan said...

hehe no worries.They're safe. hehe i can't take it there coz i don't have a car ler.and it's so troublesome