Monday, August 14, 2006

Sticking Needles Into Your Body!

I have been feeling sore on my neck and shoulders for the past few months. Some day it is OK and some day it is quite bad. When I tell this to a friend, he suggested I try the place that he goes to for his back pain. I asked him what it is. He said it’s a Chinese sinseh that does acupuncture and massage. I told my friend, “Massage is OK but no way am I gonna let some people stick needles into my body!” He assured me that I do not have to try the acupuncture, I can just ask for the massage.

So OK, one day, we made the arrangement to go together. When we reached there, the Chinese sinseh took a look at my neck, twisted it here and there while asking me whether I felt anything. Then he said, (Note: Below is my rough interpretation, which my friend’s help, of what he said. This is because it’s amazingly difficult to grasp his china slang.)

“Ok, let’s start.”

“Errr….start what?”

“Oh, your treatment.”

“What treatment?”

“Acupuncture, then massage.”

“NO! I do not want acupuncture.”

“Oh, but you want to get better, right?”

“Errr….yeah, but I do not want acupuncture.”

“You need acupuncture to get better faster.”

“Is it painful?”

“Not at all. Ask your friend.”

My friend, “Yeah, it’s not painful. Sometimes just felt like an ant bite, sometimes you do not feel anything. Do la, its good for you.”

The Chinese sinseh and my friend then tried to convince me that it is not painful at all and it actually feels quite good. And it will make my sore neck heal faster. Oh well, what the heck. You only live once. So I tried.

I was very tense at first but thank god I was lying face down and do not need to see when he poke the needles into my neck. But they are right, it does not hurt. Sometimes it felt like a small ant bite. Sometimes you feel nothing.

Then he started sticking some electrical machine onto the needles and it sent electrical current to your body. The feeling is kinda weird. You actually feel the electric current pulsing at the needle point. It does not hurt though. I lied down there for 30 minutes, feeling the pulse. Both my friend and the Chinese sinseh asked me to sleep. But how to sleep la, the thing pulsing on my neck. So time passes very slowly.

After 30 minutes, then it’s the massage time. Wow. That is pure enjoyment. The Chinese sinseh knows the exact pressure point and exactly where I actually feel sore. I have been to quite a few massages, but none of them can compare to this. If only I can exchange the 30 minutes for massage as well. Haha.

I still remember on my 2nd visit there alone, without my friend to interpret, the conversation with the Chinese sinseh with the china slang. Its funny how both of us are talking Mandarin and yet we find such a hard time understanding each other.

Me (Msian slang) : How many needles are you poking on my neck?

Chinese sinseh (china slang) : What?

Me (Msian slang) : How many needles are you poking on my neck?

Chinese sinseh (china slang) : You want more needle? Ok. Ok

Me (Msian slang) : Huh? More needles? NO! NO! I do not want more needles. I just want to know how many needles.

Chinese sinseh (china slang) : So don’t want more needles?

Me (Msian slang) : Definitely NOT! How many needles?

Chinese sinseh (china slang) : Oooo….how many needles? 4 needles.

Me (Msian slang) : Gosh, 4 needles ah. Enough. 4 needles are enough.

Whew. That was really close. I learnt not to say anything during the needles time, too dangerous.

After 3 sessions, my neck is actually not sore anymore. I am cured! It cost roughly RM69 per session (needles and massage). Kinda pricy but that is about the same price you would pay for a 1 hour massage. If anybody has any sore body parts, I would recommend him/her to this Chinese sinseh. He is good.


Hee Huey said...

Hahaha,,,Like everyone does (who goes thru that experience).
I had acupuncture two years ago. My case was worst than Yee Hwei. I had tendonitis on both of my wrist. So, I tried ibuprofen (western medicine) from mild to heavy dose ibuprofen. It worked for the 1st week then the pain came back, then I tried stronger ibuprofen, till I visited the doctor said "Well, that was the strongest medicine that I have given to you,,,, I cannot give any stronger than that... I would recommend you to go for surgery". You know western medicine style is you take their medicine, if cannot cure, "BELAH DAN BUANG" that part. Then, Doc asked me to think about it then came back to see him for an appointment. Guess what, I did not go back, as you know, US surgery is super pricy even with insurance covered. Then, our BLIA nun asked me to tried chinese "Sing Seh" when my husband & I drove to visit Sifu at Dallas Temple. So she recommend me to this "Sing Seh" called Dr Qiu. So, due to no way out, I went there... Dr Qiu told me not to worry, it felt like ants bite and sour pressure feeling. My first round, like Yee Hwei, TENSE but mine was worse - I COULD SEE ALL THE NEEDLES - make me super tensed. Dr Qiu, told me,,, relax, you were too tensed, you will feel pain one, relax,,,, so I tried, I can't totally relax, the poking session was not that painfull but laying for 1 hour - my tense make my nerve pulled the needles and the sour pressure from the needles - make me suffer.
Then, my 2nd round, I learn,,,, I go MAKAN FIRST THEN acupuncture,,, hehe it worked, after you ate your lunch sure feel sleepy when you were in a quiet aircon room then, I tried relax then I fall asleep. I had 28 needles in total (13 & 15),,,, I went for accupuncture for 6 months, now it has totally recovered. My acupuncture did not have that electric cable on it, my one is REAL traditional one - only needles. It is pricy too at US but not as pricy as surgery (US$50 per session, depend on how serious your injury).... So, acupuncture is a better solution for your body health. You will not regret to try it. Secret tips, eat before go to acupuncture treatment, it helps you to relax and sleep.

Just Sharlene said...

Wah...28 needles???? All in your wrist? Geez! I had 4 needles and that is more than enough. You are a brave woman!

Hee Huey said...

Not that I am brave,, I have no choice - is cheap and no need to buang my inflamation tendon. Yes, 28 needles on both wrist...KENA PEJAM MATA when poke lo
(when first time). Slowly I got used to acupuncture, becoz I went there every week for 6 months. I'm sure someone out there get more needles than me, like a fried of mine,,, sprain her spinal cord, got poke from head to toe.

Pam said...

hi hi... checked ur website n this post. OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHH..... NEEDLES... u realli rekomen this arr? me got baddd back lehz. still contemplating.veri sked pain n sked turn cacat then how???

Just Sharlene said...

Errr..its actually up to personal preference. My friend had a serious back pain, such that he cant even bend his back to pick up things from the floor. Now he is cured and back to the gym for some serious Body Pump (though he is not carrying the same heavy weight as he used to).

But be warned, do not simply go try the needles without recommendation. Its kinda risky. You want to know that its safe and the senseh knows what he is doing! And make sure they DO NOT recycle the needles!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
As I stumble upon ur blog I'm interested to know where you go for your acupuncture? I hv the same problem too and have been seeing different kind of western doctor but not cured. Hope u cld let me know the place. TQ.