Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New members of the family

This is the cat year! 2006 will be the year I will always remember to have adopted 3 new members to my family; Ginger, Garlic and Pepper Jadoo.

Name : Ginger
Age : 8 months
Sex : Female
Breed : Persian - mix
Color : Ginger
Favorite Toy : The Ball with the Bell

Ginger is the sweetest thing. One look at her, you will wanna squeeze her and run your hands over her fluffy fur. She is quite small in size for her age but I like her that way. Every morning, she will run upstairs to my room and look at me until I pick her up and give her a cuddle. She will then proceed to lick my face and hand. She hardly sleeps with me now that there’s Garlic to keep her company downstairs. Also good because she tend to wake me up middle of the night by licking my face!

Name : Garlic
Age : 4 months
Sex : Male
Breed : Himalayan - mix
Color : White, with yellowish tail and ears
Favorite Toy : The Ball with the Bell

Only 4 months old and Garlic is the man of the house. He walks around with his tail held up high. He is not afraid of anything and loves to explore. Extremely hyperactive and plays with anything he can get his paws on. I do not let him sleep with me because he can never be quiet and I can never sleep with him running around the room. He has learnt from Ginger to run upstairs into my room every morning. He, however, do not demand a cuddle from me. He has also learnt to scratch my bedroom door whenever he wants to come into the room. His fur has yet to be fully grown, so we shall see how furry he will get in a few months time.

Name : Pepper Jadoo
Age : 10 months
Sex : Female
Breed : Persian - mix
Color : Tabby
Favorite Toy : Yet to be discovered

It took me awhile to decide on a name. The gal who found her had her for about 6 weeks and named her Jadoo, which means magical in Hindu. I want to name her Pepper, to make up the 3 spice cats in the family. So I settled for Pepper Jadoo. You can call her Pepper, or you can call her Jadoo, or you can call her Pepper Jadoo. The gal who found her thought it could Shadow and called me when a friend of hers saw the poster I put up. She could not adopt Jadoo as her existing cat, Sonu, who is 8 years old starts urinating all over the house to show his dominance. Thus, I end up adopting Jadoo. Honestly, I find Pepper Jadoo to be quite ugly. But yet, she is extremely loving. She will rub her face against your hand, your legs, asking for attention. It is hard not to love her. She is also the only one, among the three, that will sit quietly beside me and let me stroke her when I am sitting on the sofa watching TV. But she can be quite rebellious. She does not let me cut her nails. Still trying to “tame’ her.


dailymuscle said...

Get more dogs la. I dont like playing with cats.

Just Sharlene said...

Got 1 dog and 3 cats enough la.... Anymore it will be a zoo.

Come play with my cats. You will change your mind after playing with them. Hehe...