Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sesame aka Baby Spice

Name : Sesame aka Baby Spice

DOB : 18 August 2006

Sex : Male

Breed : Persian - mix

Coat Color : Grey

Eyes Color : Mmm….I think its Dark yellow, not very sure yet

He is my pride and joy, seeing him from the moment he was born to the healthy active kitten he is now. Being the baby of the family, he always has his way. He loves human company and is not afraid of strangers. He loves to play with your hand and leg. He also learnt to rub his head against your leg. He sometimes will follow the rest upstairs and escort me down in the morning. It feels good to have 4 cats escorting you down!

He is not picky in his food. He eats everything you feed him, from Chicken to Tuna to dry food to even blended vegetables! No wonder he is so chubby! Well, I don’t think I need to explain how he got his nickname….

He loves coming into my room too. Loves to sleep on the soft comforter but he will wake me up middle of the night by rubbing his head on my arm and face.

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