Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ginger aka Bedroom Spice

Name : Ginger aka Bedroom Spice

DOB : Jan 2006

Sex : Female

Breed : Persian - mix

Coat Color : Ginger

Eyes Color : Reddish Ginger

Ginger is the princess of the family. She doesn’t come to greet me at the door when I come home. And if there are visitors in the house, you’ll hardly see her. She will probably hide behind the curtain or under the sofa.

The reason I called her Bedroom Spice is because she just loves my bedroom. She will patiently wait for me to finish my routine at night with the feeding, brushing and cleaning the litter box, and she will run up to my bedroom, waiting to be let in. Maybe it’s the room, or maybe it’s the air-con. She is a totally different cat when she is in my bedroom. From a quiet shy arrogant cat, she turned into a talkative over-affectionate cat.

She will not keep quiet until I picked her up and cuddle her. When I am on my bed watching TV, she will try to climb on top of me and lick my face. Only when she gets enough, she will proceed to cuddle herself in my comforter and sleep.

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Kayla said...

awww she is so cute i have a cat named ginger