Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pepper Jadoo aka Cuddly Spice

Name : Pepper Jadoo aka Cuddly Spice

DOB : November 2005 (This is based on the vet’s estimation as Pepper was a stray)

Sex : Female

Breed : Persian - mix

Coat Color : Tabby

Eyes Color : Yellow

It took me awhile to decide on a name. The gal who found her had her for about 6 weeks and named her Jadoo, which means magical in Hindu. I want to name her Pepper, to make up the 3 spice cats in the family. So I settled for Pepper Jadoo. You can call her Pepper, or you can call her Jadoo, or you can call her Pepper Jadoo. The gal who found her thought it could Shadow and called me when a friend of hers saw the poster I put up. She could not adopt Jadoo as her existing cat, Sonu, who is 8 years old starts urinating all over the house to show his dominance. Thus, I end up adopting Jadoo.

Pepper is an extremely loving cat. I have not seen such affectionate cat. She will rub her face against your hand, your legs, asking for attention. She loves a cuddle, that’s how she got her nickname. She will just lie there, in your arms, with her head on your chest, her eyes closed, while you stroke her. She is also the only one, among the three, that will sit quietly beside me and let me stroke her when I am sitting on the sofa watching TV. If there is a visitor in the house, she will be the first to greet you and rub her head all over you, whether you like it or not.


Anonymous said...

Hi, are you sure this is a Persian mix? If so, the rest of the mix is surely Maine Coon. The "head shot" at the top of your blog looks all Maine Coon to me. I have had many Coons and the coats vary quite a lot. Does this kitty ever act like a dog? Chirp? Maine Coons are wonderful pets.

Just Sharlene said...

Hi. I am not exactly sure what mix Pepper is as she was previously a stray. She does look like a Maine Coon, so maybe you are right :)
She does chirp sometimes when she sees me in the morning and I give her a body rub. As for behaving like a dog, no, she is a typical extremely effectionate cat. Garlic is the one that behaves like a dog.

tk said...

cute cat..btw jaado means magic in hindi..hindu is a person who follows hinduism