Thursday, August 10, 2006

What I do every Wednesday night for the past 2 years.

Time flies. I have joined FF for more than 4 years already. Used to go 7 days a week but now I only go about 3 days a week. Wednesday is one day I never miss.

I still remembered when I first joined the Basic Step class 4 years ago. It’s a tough class to follow. Wah! I was so lost in the first few classes! But I just kept on going and trying. All the turning gave me a headache and I can’t seem to remember how to do left routine after doing right routine! But persistent paid off, slowly I moved on to Intermediate and now doing Advance classes as well. I, being my clumsy self, still can’t turn as much as some of the advance people can. Some of them really can turn! Like my brother’s girlfriend, she can turn and turn and turn. Seeing her turn is enough to make me dizzy. Haha….

Unfortunately, FF has cut down a lot of the freestyle step classes after they brought in Body Step. Used to go to 8 step classes a week, sometimes even doing 4 step classes a day on the weekends! Now I only go to about 1 or 2 classes of step a week because there are just not many classes of freestyle step left. Also because age is catching up. Can’t do 4 classes a day anymore.

I also made a lot of step kaki friends from gym. Unfortunately as well, many regular step kaki from the old time have left the gym or have lost interest in step. Miss those days when a group of us go all over, gym hopping, to join the Step classes. Nevertheless, the class is still one of my favorites.

Below are some photos I curi curi took from yesterday’s class. Pretended to take a break and took out my handphone and snapped a few photos. Some of the photos are a bit blur because everybody was moving too fast in the class. We did a basic combo yesterday, 2 board, front and back. Last Wednesday we did a more interesting combo, partner, mirrow image. But didn't take any photos last week.

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